Tissue Division

Tissue Products

Hotpack prides itself in leading the market in the manufacturing of hygienic paper products. Our newly built Umm Al Quwain facility hosts a range of hygienic paper products produced from Virgin Pulp and ensuring a ‘Manually Untouched’ production process. Our products range from Facial Tissues, Hand Towels, Table Napkins, Kitchen Towels, Maxi Rolls, Auto Cut Rolls, Toilet Rolls and our newly launched ‘Cotton Feel’ Napkins.

Private Labelling / Customization

Hotpack responds to customer needs in the most adaptive way. We have the capacity to produced tailored products based on customer requirements all along ensuring quality and hygiene standards. Our state of the art machines allow for customized ink printing, cutting lengths, rolled lengths and packaging

Our Manufacturing Capacity

Hotpack easily stands out among our competitors in the Middle East as the solution provider for all hygienic paper products. Our newly developed facility in Umm Al Quwain boasts up to 2000 tonnes of production capability per month and about 24,000 tonnes per year; making Hotpack one of the largest manufacturer of hygienic paper products in the Middle East


Hotpack believes in ‘Greener Earth’ and so has collaborated with FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) to ensure we give back to the Earth more than what we take from it. Apart from this, we are ISO certified for all our product ranges in the Hygienic Paper Division.

Raw Materials Used

Being in the Hygienic Industry, Hotpack adheres to a strict policy over procurement of Raw Material for the manufacturing process. 90% our products are based on Virgin Pulp and the others are from recycled paper (based on customer requirements). Our raw material which comprises of paper mainly undergo a thorough quality check before being allowed to be used in the manufacturing process. Our packaging materials are produced by our very own Plastic Division under high quality and hygiene standards.